School Counselors - The Unsung Heroes

The counselors in the Hanover Park Counseling Department are the unsung heroes of
our school. They wear many hats and their responsibilities vary from college planning,
scheduling, test proctoring, mentoring, counseling, advising, etc. Ultimately, what makes the
Hanover Park Counseling Department special and unique is the personal connections that they
make with the students which go a long way in promoting success and motivation in the
students. This personal connection is essential in mapping a student’s career in high school
and beyond in order for a counselor to get to know a student’s interests, a student’s strengths, a
student’s background, etc. This information, then, helps a school counselor mentor and guide a
student in what courses to take, in what co-curricular activities to join, in what athletic teams to
join, in what possible career endeavors to pursue, and in even simply how to advocate for
oneself when asking a teacher for a college recommendation, for help, or when interacting with
other peers and adults.

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